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Your Storm Damage Experts

Welcome To Storm Season. We’re Here To Help!

With this year’s storm season upon us already, we’re the insurance claims specialists you want to have on your side. Whether you need a simple roof leak repair, full roof replacement or (hopefully) no repairs at all, we’re ready to respond to your needs. Our years of experience serving the Waco, Temple, and Waxahachie communities after storms means we’re the roofing contractors trusted throughout central Texas with storm damage and roof repair work. We’ve seen it all — and fixed it all.

Call us for a free inspection that can help you get a real idea of what damage has been done to your home or business quickly. Let us show you what truly needs to be repaired or replaced — and, in many cases, what doesn’t.

Texas Storm Damage Pros

Quality Roof Leak Repair Is More Than Just Our Reputation

In addition to offering the kind of roof repair work that’s made us good neighbors, we bring to the table years of experience dealing with just about every insurance company out there — if you’ve got an insurance policy, you can relax knowing we’ve almost certainly dealt with your insurer in the past. As “preferred provider” roofing contractors for many of those companies, and with more than 20,000 roofs under our belts, we’re no strangers to the process - or to quickly fixing your leaking roof! Our priority is to you, our customer and neighbor; our goal is to get your home or business back up and running with the least amount of friction possible — prompt, reliable and affordable service with a dedication to our work you’ll notice from the first moment you call us.

Your Local Insurance Claim Experts

Your Texas Insurance Claims Experts

If you’re looking at damage to your home or business after a storm, and you want the most trusted name in construction and roofing contractors to help restore your property to its best, call the insurance claims specialists at Texas Professional Exteriors. We’ll be there at every step, ensuring you’re happy with the work — happy enough to recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Because we’re part of the local community, you can trust that we’ll stand behind every roof repair, every nail and every shingle. Call us today!

Waco Roofing Companies

Experts In Roof Repair

Our veteran installers have been around the block more than once, and are committed to prompt and professional service on your roof repair, here in the heart of Texas.

Roof Leak Repair Waxahachie Texas


We know on any new construction job, time is of the essences. At Texas Professional Exteriors, we have the ability to be flexible and can adapt to ever-changing construction schedules.

Roofing Contractor Dallas Texas

New Construction

Thanks to our advanced scheduling, that puts our installers where they’re needed most, the majority of our new construction roofing work is completed in a single day.

Roof Replacement Dallas Texas

Precision Roofing Contractors

Our roofing professionals can go over your structure with experienced eyes, and give you several options to repair a leaking roof, or natural wear.


Choose Texas Professional Exteriors for all your residential and commercial roofing, siding, building and remodeling needs!

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Professional Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Commercial Construction

Commercial New Construction & Remodeling

At Texas Professional Exteriors, we understand that when it comes to our commercial and industrial construction work, time isn’t just money — it’s money your business needs to earn to survive. Every day you’re waiting around for your commercial construction job to be finished is a day you’re not open for business — and each and every one of those days eats into the bottom line for your business. That’s why we’re known as the commercial remodeling and construction company that’s “built for business,” with a focus on using our finest assets — our professional staff — to get your project finished on your budget, and in your timeframe. Our experience in commercial construction — from industrial to retail and office spaces — gives us perspective on every project, and lets us help our clients do better within their budgets. Whether it’s sourcing better materials at a better value, adding staff to complete projects more quickly, or just spotting trouble in the planning before it turns into a costly problem, you can depend upon Texas Professional Exteriors to guide your project forward — from Waco, Temple and Waxahachie, we’re the commercial construction company business can turn to for professional results.

We’re Your Brick, Stone, Siding and  Stucco Experts

When your home or business is ready for new exterior wall finishing, whether it’s new construction or as part of a remodel, Texas Professional Exteriors is the contractor you want to call first. From value-oriented vinyl siding to brick, natural stone products, traditional stucco - and even the ultra-modern EIFS stucco, our crews are trained specifically in every system we come to install, to the strict standards not only of the manufacturer but those of our clients. Our crews have been finishing walls in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waxahachie, Waco and Temple for more than 16 years. Our expertise shows in our dedication to quality — and the speed with which we can schedule and complete work. Our vinyl siding installers train extensively and complete hours of continuing education — to say nothing of time on the job — every year so we can promise our customers the most experienced, problem-solving contractors available; our crews do more exterior wall finishing in a year than many do in their entire careers! Experience, value, and a commitment to excellence: discover the Texas Professional Exteriors difference for your project!




Let's Get To Work.

Whether you need a simple roof repair, a full roofing job or construction related help, contact us today and let us show you how Texas Professional Exteriors can start working for you! We’re Texas’ best roofing contractors and so much more!