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What’s smoother than dirt, quicker to install than concrete, looks great and adds value to your property? It’s asphalt paving, and it’s increasingly become the most popular surfacing material in Texas and in the entire country. If you’re among the many Texas home or business owners who are considering asphalt paving for its many advantages over concrete pavers — and are interested in having the work done by a company with more than 16 years in the residential and commercial construction industry in Waco, Temple, Waxahachie, Dallas, and Fort Worth — contact Texas Professional Exteriors, your locally owned and operated professional paving contractors!

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#1 in Asphalt Paving Experience

At Texas Professional Exteriors, we’re not a newcomer to the surfacing part of the construction industry. We take pride in the experience of our blacktop paving specialists; unlike a lot of paving companies who have started up in the business without adequate training on the machines they operate, our asphalt contractors have miles and miles of roadway under their belts, so to speak.

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The Blacktop Professionals

In addition to maintaining state of the art equipment for asphalt paving, patching and sealcoating, we have the most highly trained surfacing professionals in the business, from our seasoned excavation contractors to our parking lot repair crews, we’ll bring your project in within your budget and on your time schedule — and with results that last for years and give you great satisfaction in performance and appearance.

Ready For Weather

Much less likely to crack than concrete, asphalt endures changes in temperature more gracefully and with better flexibility than concrete; moreover, when it does crack and repairs are needed, they can be done very quickly and be ready to drive upon within hours. By contrast, concrete repair typically will require several days of curing time — just like the original concrete pour — and that timeframe is only compounded by adverse weather conditions.

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Sealcoating Experts

Unlike other asphalt companies who either charge too much for sealcoating or don’t do it properly, at Texas Professional Exteriors we have licensed, bonded and insured asphalt sealcoating contractors who can protect your investment from excess wear caused by UV damage, weather, and traffic — extending the life of your surface and putting off asphalt resurfacing by as much as several years over non-treated asphalt.

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Smooth Operators.

If you’re looking to smooth out the road in front of you and would like the help of Waco’s top-rated asphalt paving professionals, call us today!