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Residential and Commercial Roofing that Drives Quality With Every Nail

The roof may be the most important part of any building. Roofs are our business. We work every day to build, repair, install, and maintain the best roofs throughout Dallas.

Texas Professional Exteriors leads local roofing companies in service and results. We specialize in roof repair and replacement for residential and commercial properties.

Tens of thousands of roofs repaired or replaced. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been serving central Texas communities, driving quality with every nail.

Free Roof Repair or Installation Evaluation and Estimates

We will work to earn your repeat business and your referrals.

As Texas Professional Exteriors grows in Dallas, so does our reputation for excellence.

Competitive Pricing

Texas Professional Exteriors prides ourselves on offering competitive pricing for residential and commercial roofing repairs and installations.

For new construction, after damage, or an upgrade, let us offer you a fair price for the highest quality work.

Doing More Than Other Roofing Companies

Texas Professional Exteriors is different. Our team of professionals offers reliable, thorough work that is completed quickly.

Get more than roof repair – get building construction on all exterior areas of your property from a team with decades of experience in architecture and construction throughout Dallas, Texas.

Texas Professional Exteriors are experts in exterior construction for all types of homes.

In House Financing

We offer financing to homeowners and businesses that qualify. Ask a representative about our flexible options for every budget.

Dallas Texas Home Building & Remodeling

For New Home Construction. For Additions and Home Remodeling.
Dallas homeowners call us for damage evaluations, repair work, and installation of new home materials. Contractors and home developers call us for a range of supplies and experienced professional sub-contracting teams.

Siding. Brick. Stone. Stucco.
Our team of certified EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) professionals include specialists in Dryvit, Senergy, and Magna Wall systems. Repair and installation available for brick, stone, stucco, and other exterior construction work.

New Roofs for New Construction. Upgrades for Historic Properties.
Upgrading and modernizing your home roof can save energy and better protect your house’s construction. Installing a top grade roof to protect new construction reaps some of the greatest rewards over time. Texas Professional Exteriors: unique among local roofing companies with our reputation for outstanding exterior construction on residential buildings.

An Earned Reputation of Trust

With hundreds of roofing jobs completed just this year, we can offer many examples of work we’re proud of. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the best roofers in the area, and we’ll continue to work hard to prove it.

Commercial & Industrial Construction & Renovation in Dallas Texas

Texas Professional Exteriors offers a range of quality commercial renovation and construction services for properties of all sizes.

New Walls, Siding, Brick & Stonework
Our team offers custom stonework and exterior building construction. Completed efficiently with minimal interruption to your business. Our professionals know how to make your building’s walls and siding both sturdy and beautiful.

Asphalt & Pavement
Our commercial roofing and exterior services team offers concrete, asphalt and pavement installation and repair. Customize a staircase, get exterior repair work completed, or create a new walkway to your business entrance.

Standing Out Among Dallas Roofing Companies

Texas Professional Exteriors stands above other central Texas roofing companies. Here’s why.

Reputation for Honesty, Integrity, Quality
Texas Professional Exteriors have served tens of thousands of satisfied residents and business owners throughout Dallas and the surrounding communities of central Texas. Our reputation is built on satisfaction.




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A Part of Our Dallas and Central Texas Communities
We participate. We are involved. We call the same neighborhoods “home” that our customers do. We take pride being part of our local communities.



Member of the Dallas Regional Chamber

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey
National bestselling author and financial advisor Dave Ramsey endorses the services at Texas Professional Exteriors.

Experienced With Your Homeowners Insurance Company
In business for over 15 years, our experienced roof repair and replacement team has worked with virtually every homeowner’s insurance company. We’ll help walk you through the process.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Options
We offer a range of roofing options for historic, modern, and unique properties. No matter the style of building or the construction engineering your property needs, we get the job done.

Waco Commercial Roofing Companies

Home Roof Repair to Suit You

Fast. Efficient. Individual.
Bad weather and accidents happen all year. If your roof is damaged, you can’t wait - you need reliable roof repair fast. While other roofing companies may adjust their availability and cut their team members during some seasons, we keep things moving all year.

Texas Professional Exteriors offers year-round scheduling for roof damage repair and replacement. When your roof needs attention, we’re ready to give it.

Quick Repair That Doesn’t Interfere
Keep your home safe and dry. Our professionals perform full repairs on any type of damage. We practice efficiency to complete every repair in a way that doesn’t interfere with your life.

Homes of All Sizes and Architectural Designs

Our expert team pays close attention to the engineering and architectural details of every property. No matter the square footage or unique aspects of your roof, we customize a roof that’s right for your property and will last for decades, adding both beauty and value.

Eco-Friendly Roof Repairs Save You Time, Money, & Hassle

Make your home as environmentally friendly as you want it with Energy Star rated roofs with installation that’s better than industry standards. Put your home’s environment under your control and reduce the energy your home uses and loses.

Don’t be shy. If you need roof repair services, call the leader in roofing companies, trusted throughout Dallas: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Modern or Historic Homes

From a modern apartment complex to an historic ranch house. In the city of Dallas or out of town. Match your property’s current aesthetic, or give your home an entirely new curb appeal. Preserve your property’s heritage while modernizing, upgrading, and optimizing the roof for harsh Texas living conditions.

Roofing Certifications
Roofing Certifications

Professional Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing Contractors

Respect For Your Home And Your Life

Respect For Your Home And Your Life

Our contractors are trained professionals. We know we’re having an impact on your life. We minimize our impact while repairing your roof. We keep in mind that we are working at your home or business.

It’s inconvenient to have roof repair or installation work going on at your home or business. Considerate and compassionate, the Texas Professional Exteriors technicians work to efficiently provide quality results on every building.

Our standard procedures minimize hassle. Our team works hard to get your life back to normal and your home restored to you as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can complete work in a day or two.

Manufacturer-Certified Technicians

Our team is made up of some of the leading contractors of any roofing companies in central Texas. On the job training and manufacturer certifications combine to give our residential and commercial roofing technicians the know-how to tackle any job.

Serving Each Client is Top Priority

With tens of thousands of roofs repaired or replaced. High-quality materials and the highest client satisfaction rates. Every building and every roof is different, but our top standards remain the same.

Advanced Scheduling Puts Experts at the Right Locations Every Day

Texas Professional Exteriors advanced residential roofing scheduling system makes us one of the most agile local roofing companies. We customize a schedule for every project, making sure that our specialized technicians are always on-site.

Because of our individualized approach, Texas Professional Exteriors provides service from a team of experienced professionals for every roof. Long-lasting results on an efficient and convenient timetable.

Dallas Texas Roofers That Complete Home Rebuilding, Remodeling

Add To Your Property. Upgrade Your Roof.

Texas Professional Exteriors does more than other residential roofing companies. For new construction, home additions, and home remodeling. New roof installation and home construction. Call our team of professionals.

Upgrade and Modernize
Remodeling your home can mean updating and replacing worn materials. From siding to concrete to roofing, give your home a full makeover from certified professionals.

Improve Curb Appeal
Match and coordinate your home’s siding, roof, concrete, paint, and all design elements of the exterior. Give your home a completely fresh look.

Safety and Security
The best roof home rebuilding and remodeling work doesn’t address the issues that you can see – it addresses all the issues you can’t. We work hard to be the best among home builders and roofing companies. Roof work and more for your home remodeling or addition. When you want to add value to your home, Texas Professional Exteriors can help.

Partial or Full Roof Replacement When remodeling your home, match the new section of roof with your existing roof, or replace the entire thing. Our technicians will consult with you on your options.

Don’t Wait When You Need Roof Leak Repair

Summer Storms
Texas summers are beautiful, but they can cause damage to residential roofs. The hot, sunny days are full of damaging UV rays. The wind and rain from storms whip the roofing right off sometimes.

Be proactive with roofing care. Call the best of central Texas’ roofing companies for a free evaluation after a harsh storm hits. It doesn’t have to be lightning damage - but we will evaluate and fix it if it is.

Why Fixing A Leaking Roof is Important
When a leaking roof isn’t repaired water, insects, and debris make their way into your environment. This causes immediate damage to your home’s construction, but can also quickly develop toxic and dangerous conditions for mold.

Mold is one of the top environmental concerns in homes throughout central Texas. Don’t let your property become affected. Simple roof repair can prevent problems from water damage and mold growth. This kind of secondary damage can be more expensive and difficult to remove and repair.

Increase the life and value of your home. Protect your belongings, your family, and your property’s integrity.

Hail and Weather Damage
Hail causes dents, dings, and tears. It weakens the structural integrity of many roofs. When roofing materials become cracked or damaged, they can begin to leak. The seal that protects your home from debris begins to let in leaves, dirt, and even insects.

When the outside makes its way in, you can be looking at long-term damage.

Metal Roofing Throughout Central Texas

Roofing Certifications

Leading Dallas in Qualified Roofing Companies

Metal roofing is today’s leading and most popular choice for long-lasting residential roofing. Get metal roofs in a variety of designs that add charm and value to any home.

Beneficial for your family. Beneficial for the environment. Beneficial for the community.

Install or upgrade to a metal roof from one of the leading Dallas residential and commercial roofing companies with certified metal roofing technicians: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Go Green!
Metal roofs can be made from as much as 95% recycled materials. They are eco-conscious, earth-friendly, and recyclable. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Save Green
Because they reflect light and heat into the atmosphere rather than absorbing them, metal roofs lower your energy bills and help you maintain the atmosphere in your home.

Reduce the temperature in your attic as much as 3 degrees during the summer months. Keep your A/C system from working so hard to cool your home.

Solid for Years
The strength, durability, and sturdiness of metal roofs is not easily matched by other roofing materials. Metal roofs are low weight, and perfect for all building types and designs. It is easy for a professional to perform roof repair on a metal roof too. Metal roofs can last 30 years or more.

Solar Powered Options
Install solar panels easily on a metal roof. A great option to integrate panel attachments and technology.

Update Their Look
Metal homes can give historic homes an update, and can easily be repainted for future exterior upgrades.

Full Roof Replacement Services

Inspections. Estimates. Replacement. Paperwork.

When your roof is damaged or worn beyond repair, it may be time to consider replacing it. Most roofs last 20 years or so, depending on how well they are maintained.

After a major storm or roof damage, call Texas Professional Exteriors for a custom inspection and quote. We can tell you if you need roof repair or full replacement.

Roof Replacement Costs
Roof replacement estimates can vary greatly from different roofing companies throughout Dallas. The highest value quality work is long-lasting and warrantied.

Free Estimate
Texas Professional Exteriors technicians consult with you about your roofing needs, tailoring our estimate to your timeline and the right materials and procedures for you.

Working With Your Insurance Company
For over 15 years, we have worked with national and local insurance companies throughout Dallas and all of central Texas. Experienced with the insurance claims process for residential and commercial roofing. Prepared to fulfill any paperwork and provide all documentation.

Ask the Texas Professional Exteriors team any questions. We are here to help guide every client through the insurance claims process.

Every commercial property’s roofing needs are individual. Get results customized to your property.

Qualified, Professional Dallas, TX Commercial Roofing Contractors

Experienced. Trained. Teams of Roofers
Texas Professional Exteriors’ team includes Dallas, Texas’ top commercial roofing experts. Technicians, project managers, and all our team members are fully trained in commercial roof repair, installation, and replacement. Training and licensing leads to the highest quality.

As a high volume contractor, we know the best service means full attention and dedication for every client. With professionalism for every project – no project is too large or too small. We adjust our approach for a custom solution for ever client.

Doing things differently than other roofing companies. Passion that shines through in what we do. Professional and beautiful results for thousands of commercial properties.

We drive quality with every nail.

We Value All Size Dallas Businesses

From an office building to an industrial facility. From a storage center to a restaurant, our teams are certified, trained, and prepared to offer your business in Dallas, Texas the roofing options your property needs.

Any square footage, any industry. Texas Professional Exteriors is here to get the job done.

We Value Historic Architecture

If your building has specialized historic considerations, design, and materials, talk to a Texas Professional Exteriors contractor. Whether you’re in downtown Dallas or any surrounding areas, our strong roofs will hold up and continue adding value to your property for decades to come.


We Value Business Relationships

We want to earn your trust as a long-term customer. We want you to refer other businesses to us. It’s because we place such a high value on customer service that we deliver such quality results, with ever nail.

We thrive on doing the best commercial roofing work in Dallas.

We Value Our Community

We’ve worked hard to get to where we are. Being one of the top roofing companies in Dallas, Texas means being a part of our community. We serve fellow businesses every day.

Why is commercial roofing repair so important?

When a storm, weather, or long-term wear has damaged your roof, it can let moisture into the property. Damaged roof materials will sag as they take on water, and eventually break through, letting in debris. Not only does this contaminate your environment, but it creates a hazard for your property even after the roof repair is complete.

Secondary damages include mold, which creates environmental hazards that endanger your property, employees, and customers.

Don’t allow a roof leak to become a long-term issue. Complete roof repair from Texas Professional Exteriors can prevent secondary damages.

More Than Other Commercial Roofing Contractors


Commercial & Industrial Construction & Renovation

Asphalt & Pavement
Texas Professional Exterior offers commercial asphalt and pavement services to meet the needs of small and large projects. Sidewalks, front stairs, curbs, parking lots, walkways, and more.

Siding & Wall Construction
Texas Professional Exteriors offers siding and wall construction for commercial properties. Build new construction, repair damage, or upgrade.

In House Commercial Roofing Financing

One of the most outstanding roofing companies in Dallas, Texas, Professional Exteriors offers direct and in-house commercial roofing finance options tailored to suit you. Ask a sales associate for details. Find out what makes our financing options different.

 Local Commercial Roofing Company Prepared for Emergencies

The Right Roofing Materials
More choices and a greater selection of options for the highest quality commercial roofing materials and products in the industry. We take a custom approach for a fast and thorough repair, every time.

Choose from the best commercial roofing services:

  • TPO Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Torch Down Roofing

The range of strong industrial roofing materials today means you can have a roof installed that will last your property for 20-30 years.

As our lifelong customer, Texas Professional Exteriors commercial roofing technicians look forward to installing, maintaining, and repairing your TPO Roofing for decades to come.

Less Downtime for Your Business
Call us and we’ll get to work quickly to get your business back up and running fast after an emergency. Don’t wait.

Texas Professional Exteriors works with your insurance company and your schedule to get your roof repaired or replaced and your business back on track.

The Best Roofing Manufacturers
We professionally install and maintain roofing systems from:

  • Versico Roofing Systems
  • Tamco Roofing Products
  • Duro-Last Roofing
  • Certainteed Products
  • And more.

Each Texas Professional Exteriors contractors is prepared, trained, and experienced in a variety of residential and commercial roofing systems. Every building gets the right roof for its design and you get the right roof for your budget.

Featuring Versico Roofing Systems
With over 20 years manufacturing the highest quality single-ply roofing systems, Versico is one of the best commercial roofing manufacturers in the world. A complete line of registered one-of-a-kind roofing products, accessories, and innovations. Available throughout all of Dallas and central Texas.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply roofing, more commonly known as “TPO Roofing” is a durable, energy-efficient commercial roofing process where layers of waterproof plastic is attached to your building, creating a lightweight moisture barrier and shielding your property against weather.

TPO is used on flat roofs and those that are irregularly shaped. It works well to protect many types of buildings. Have a commercial roofing professional evaluate your property and see which attachment method is right for you.

Keep the A/C in during the summer and the wind and rain out on a grey day.


Lifetime Warranty

Many commercial roofing companies offer a warranty of 10-20 years. Enjoy lifetime warranty from Texas Professional Exteriors in Dallas, TX for all our TPO roofing work.

Going Green with TPO Roofing

TPO roofing materials are highly reflective, making your property more eco-friendly. Texas Professional Exteriors leads Dallas, TX roofing companies in innovative, green building materials and practices.

Ask us about our Energy Star rated TPO commercial roofing materials.

Attaching TPO Roofing

There are 3 methods for adhering TPO roofing:

Fully Adhered
This durable and flexible adhesion system performs well under windy conditions.

Mechanically Adhered
This system can be installed quickly, using a series of fasteners in the seams between sheets of roofing materials.

This adhesion system can be installed quickly and has the highest fire and weather ratings.

Every roof is custom-designed to consider your property’s needs and situation. For most square footage and building constructions, top of the line TPO roofing systems can last for over 25 years.

EPDM Commercial Roofing Solutions in Dallas, Texas

Best Industrial Rubber Roofing

EPDM rubber roofing involves attaching a layer of enhanced rubber sheeting to a building. One of the most durable and cost-effective commercial roofing technologies available, brought to you by one of the most reputable roofing companies in Dallas: Texas Professional Exteriors.

EPDM rubber roofing is a lightweight, highly weather proof, roofing system for excellent environmental control. Installs quickly for immediate results. A specialized rubber coating that protects and strengthens your property, often lasting over 20 years.

Texas Professional Exteriors contractors adhere a chemically enhanced rubber sheet with an industrial bonding adhesive for a reliable watertight seal.

The Best Roofing Manufacturers
We professionally install and maintain roofing systems from:

  • Versico Roofing Systems
  • Tamco Roofing Products
  • Duro-Last Roofing
  • Certainteed Products

And more.

Each Texas Professional Exteriors contractors is prepared, trained, and experienced in a variety of residential and commercial roofing systems. Every building gets the right roof for its design and you get the right roof for your budget.

Featuring Versico Roofing Systems
With over 20 years manufacturing the highest quality single-ply roofing systems, Versico is one of the best commercial roofing manufacturers in the world. A complete line of registered one-of-a-kind roofing products, accessories, and innovations. Available throughout all of Dallas and central Texas.

Protecting and Beautifying Historic Dallas Architecture
EPDM can be one of the least intrusive methods of roof upgrades for historic properties.

Roofs of all Shapes/Slopes
EPDM is suitable for roofs with steep slopes, as well as low slope grades. Install on a variety of roof designs in many types of industrial and commercial buildings.

Install Above or Below Insulation
For buildings in extreme weather conditions, EPDM is repels direct exposure to the most extreme moisture conditions.

Torch Down Roofing

Torch Down roofing is a process of laying rubberized asphalt to seal the roof using open flame. One of the strongest, most resilient, longest-lasting commercial roofing options that is right for many commercial properties.

Torch Down roofing is best for flat or slightly angled roofs. It protects against weather, debris, insects, and UV damage, minimizing roof repair. There are no harmful fumes and it repairs easily.

2 Layer System

Get two tough layers of roofing - a base and a torch down layer that adhere to one another for over 15 years of lasting protection. Warranty coverage protects against harm.

3 Layer Torch Down Roofing System

Get three layers of roofing - a base, smooth, and a granular surface layer. Commonly lasts over 20 years. Extended warranties to ensure longest and best effects.

 Best Professional Safety Practices

Installing a Torch Down roof requires use of an open flame, and a knowledge of roofing material technology. It should be installed by professional commercial roofing companies, with technicians experienced in minimizing installation risks by taking all necessary safety precautions. Texas Professional Exteriors exercises safety practices that meet or exceed industry standard.

Reputation for Quality Among Dallas, Texas Roofing Companies

Over 15 Years in Business. Thousands of Satisfied Property Owners

Serving homeowners and commercial property owners. Texas Professional Exteriors is recognized for our highest quality roof repair, installation, and replacement. We are one of the top residential and commercial roofing companies in Dallas, TX. And we provide a range of exterior home and commercial construction and rebuilding services.

Reputable. Remarkable. Driving quality with every nail.