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Protecting your property from the top to the bottom.

Based in Waco, Texas. Offices in Fort Worth. Serving all of central Texas, everyday: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Serving central Texas for over 20 years

With years of experience and a team of experienced professionals, we are one of the top roofing companies in the state.

Manufacturer-Trained and Certified

Experience you can trust with national certifications and training programs completed. Our residential and commercial roofing contractors are equipped and prepared to handle all property types, all requirements, all custom needs.

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Customized Residential and Commercial Roofing Service

Get exactly what you need done on exactly your deadline. We get your home or business back in operation with minimal disturbance.

Free Evaluation

Need roof repair or replacement? Get a free estimate that details the roof repair, construction, installation, and upgrades that you’re looking for on your property.

In-House Financing Options

Speak to a Texas Professional Exteriors representative about our financing options for those who qualify.

Part of The Fort Worth Community Over 15 Years

For going on two decades, Texas Professional Exteriors has been serving areas around central Texas. We are proud to be part of our Fort Worth community. We love serving our neighbors.

Locally and Nationally Recognized

With years of experience and a team of experienced professionals, we are one of the top roofing companies in the state.

A+ Rating from the BBB.


Recommended by national financial expert, Dave Ramsey.

Top Among Insurance-Experienced & Compliant Texas Roofing Companies

We have worked with hundreds of insurance companies

A pre-authorized repair contractor for many insurance companies, we can perform roof repair and even full replacement quickly and efficiently, while helping you process your insurance claim.

As commercial roofing companies and filing complex insurance claims - this isn’t our first rodeo. We know how to handle the documentation and specifications that your insurance requires, and we’re ready to meet their requests and comply with all claims processing requirements.

Texas Professional Exteriors: Driving quality with every nail.

Local Fort Worth, Texas Roofing Company

Thousands of satisfied residents and business owners.

For over 15 years, Texas Professional Exteriors has been serving all of central Texas.

Thousands of roofs repaired or replaced throughout Fort Worth, with dedication to care and craftsmanship.

For Historic and Modern Fort Worth Architecture

From charming ranch style housing to historic landmark buildings, the busy streets and quiet neighborhoods of Fort Worth feature some of Texas’ most eye-catching architecture.

Sleek and chic or fully antique, Texas Professional Exteriors can repair or install on it all. Our team members are trained and prepared, with the materials and the knowledge - the attention to detail and sensitivity to design - to work with historic and modern homes and commercial properties.

Upgrade an older home without damaging its integrity. Get a proper roof repair and modernization, without endangering the value of your home’s historic charm.

We Guarantee Superior Workmanship

No matter what service, no matter the size of the job, Texas Professional Exteriors guarantees every customer a high quality roof repair or installation. We warranty our materials and our work. We perform regular maintenance and emergency repairs. We work hard to make you a lifetime customer. Leading Fort Worth roofing companies in customer satisfaction. A reputation for quality. Texas Professional Exteriors.

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Your Local Roof Repair Experts

After a Storm. Emergency or Damage

It is standard among roofing companies to schedule an “off season” – a few months out of the year to lower your productivity.

Not at Texas Professional Exteriors.

We provide exceptional year-round service. Accommodating for weather, using an advanced scheduling system that lets us do thing a little differently.

Every Month on the Calendar

Our residential and commercial roofing schedule continues year round. Schedule based on your need and your timetable.

Convenient, Fast Service
By keeping all our services available to clients throughout the year, we are able to complete more high quality jobs for homeowners and business owners throughout Fort Worth, Texas.


Waco Commercial Roofing Companies

From Fort Worth to Killeen and Everywhere Between

For nearly two decades, Texas Professional Exteriors has served the towns and cities of central Texas. Fort Worth and all the surrounding areas. Our heart is here, and so are the lives we build. Putting roofs over people’s heads is what we do. In our neighborhoods, in the business district – all around Fort Worth we see the buildings of our neighbors that we’ve installed or performed roof repair on. It’s a beautiful sight.

Tailored Approach. Custom Roof Repair.

Not all damage is the same, and not all roofing fixes are equal. The most common roof damage issues that require professional roofing companies’ attention include:

  • Dents and holes from hail damage
  • Shingles missing because of wind damage
  • Billowing caused by poorly installed flushing
  • Leaks from damaged or weakened roofing materials

Every roof is different, and every roofing issue needs an individualized solution. We custom-design a roof repair that fits your problem. Trust one of the top certified local Fort Worth, Texas roofing companies to address any type of damage, on any type of residential or commercial roof: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Roofing Certifications

Certified. Trained. Professional. Fort Worth Roofing Contractors

Nationally manufacturer-trained.

We have built our reputation on driving quality with every nail.

The best way to ensure clients that our roofers are the best - not only in Fort Worth but in all of central Texas - is to have them certified and trained by the manufacturers for highly specific roof repair and installation techniques. Professional certifications that display and validate our experience and knowledge.

For over 15 years we have completed tens of thousands of roofing installations. Our contractors have hundreds of hours each in successful roof repair so far already just this year.


Contractors Certified in Multiple Roofing Systems

Our roofing contractors specialize in different types of roofs, including:

  • Firestone Building Products
  • GAF Material Corporation
  • Genflex Roofing Products
  • Tamco Roofing Products, Inc

And more. Contact our Fort Worth, Texas location for additional information about which roofing system is right for your property.

Versico Commercial Roofing Systems

We feature the Versico commercial roofing systems. Our commercial roofing contractors are trained, certified, and experienced in maintaining Versico roofs.

It’s our goal to make you a Texas Professional Exteriors roofing customer for life!

If you’re adding square footage to your home or looking for entirely new home construction, Texas Professional Exteriors lives up to our name.


Get a free inspection and evaluation of your roof repair needs.


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 More than Just Fort Worth Roofers

Home Building and Remodeling Services

Offering services beyond other roofing companies, we build and install professional code-compliant building exterior services for residential buildings.

New Home Construction

Texas Professional Exteriors works with other Fort Worth companies to provide quality new home construction across central Texas neighborhoods. We help to build communities, one house at a time.

Home Additions and Upgrades

Add a garage. Build a storage shed. Put in new rooms. Close in the screened patio. Build new walls.

Whenever you’re looking to upgrade your home and add more to your property, we beat other roofing companies, hands-down. Get consultation and quality additions, expansions, and upgrades.

Certified Exterior Construction Professionals

Texas Professional Exteriors’ team members are certified residential and commercial roofing professionals, but they also hold training, years of experience, and certifications for a variety of other building construction services.

Siding. Stucco. Stonework. Bricks. And More.

Change the exterior of your home in a day. A building team who can install and provide roof repair, but also work on your home’s stucco, siding, brickwork, and more. For a truly custom professional Texas home exterior.

Upgrade. Update. Redo. Rebuild.

After fire, floods, or other disasters, get the right repairs done quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. We perform addition exterior building services as part of our residential or commercial roofing services – alongside installation or roof repair.

Texas Professional Exteriors specializes in making sure that your property is safe, beautiful, and protected for years to come.

Why is Roof Leak Repair Important?

Leaking Roof Repair Lessens Secondary Damages

Your roof is exposed to elements that can damage it, all day every day. It withstands the wear and tear of the forces of nature – protecting your home and your family. When something works its way inside, your home suffers.

Roof leaks can start small. They may not cause much damage at first. Over time, they become a larger problem. More expensive, more dangerous, and more difficult to fix. If you don’t address a leaking roof repair when it’s manageable, it can quickly grow until you need your entire roof replaced.

Mold and Environmental Hazards

When a roof leaks, moisture wreaks havoc in your home immediately. Whether it’s running or standing water, building materials become damaged. Mold growth can appear within hours. Mold damages wood, drywall, insulation, and other building materials in your attic and ceiling. It grows in moist air, releasing potentially hazards that decrease the air quality in your home.

Roof Repair Protect Your Home’s Environment

Long-term water damage from a leaking roof creates rot and permanent structural damage to your building.

It only gets more expensive to fix over time. Immediate roof repair saves you time, and money, and keeps your home’s value up. Immediate roof repair also keeps your home safer for family and friends.

Prevent contamination from mold. Avoid secondary problems caused by standing water.

Benefits of Residential Metal Roofing Installation

Roofing Certifications

Environmental Control: Save Energy and Money

Metal roofs are reflective and resistant to heat absorption. When properly and professionally installed, they seal tightly, creating a temperature and moisture barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. This barrier helps maintain your indoor climate, reducing energy costs and waste.

Keep A/C inside in the summer, keep the cold out in the winter. Whatever the season, a metal roof can help your home’s temperature be better controlled and reduce your environmental impact.

Long Lasting. High Quality. Warranty Protection.

Metal residential and commercial roofing simply last longer. With proper care and regular maintenance, they can protect your home for decades.

Like all the best residential roofing companies, Texas Professional Exteriors warranties our materials, installation, and repair work.

Call us any time you have questions, at the change of the seasons, or at regular intervals for preventative care of one of your home’s most valuable assets.

We Love Client Referrals for Roof Repair & Installation

Texas Professional Exteriors loves positive feedback and community driven referrals.

We drive quality with every nail so that we can continue to earn more business around Fort Worth. Keeping our community beautiful.

Insurance Claims for Roof Repair & Replacement

Experienced Claims Specialists

As a pre-approved contractor for hundreds of insurance companies, Texas Professional Exteriors process claims quickly. Whether it is due to an emergency, storm damage, or just long-term wear and tear, our team can work with you and your insurance company to meet everyone’s requirements.

Emergency Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Maybe a storm hits. Maybe there’s a fire. Maybe a tree branch falls through your roof. Whatever the situation, whatever the damage, we can repair the roof and make it as good as new. Not just a patch - a complete rebuild of the places in the areas that need it.

Full Roof Replacement Services

When it’s time for a new roof, count on the expert team at the Fort Worth Texas Professional Exteriors location to complete an outstanding installation and be helpful with all insurance paperwork. Insurance claims for roof replacement can be complicated. Let our experienced insurance claims team help.

Upgrade. Modernize. Property Rebuilds and Remodels.

Historic properties used construction materials and methods that were less eco-friendly. Over time, some materials like lead can even be hazardous to people and animals who live in the building.

Update your property to modern, environmentally friendly residential and commercial roofing materials. Modernization of your roof saves money and helps your home’s beauty continue on through history.

Our insurance claims specialists can help you get the roof repair or replacement for your historic building’s needs.

Our insurance claims specialists can help you get the roof repair or replacement for your historic building’s needs.

Standing out among Fort Worth roofing companies: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Get a free estimate for your historic property

Fort Worth Commercial Roofing Contractors

Local Commercial Roofing Installation & Repair Experts

Throughout Fort Worth, for over 15 years, Texas Professional Exteriors have been serving every type of business. Restaurants, office buildings, industrial facilities, and all types of commercial properties.

Free Commercial Roofing Estimates

Call for a free evaluation of your property’s roof repair or rebuilding needs.

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From office buildings to factories

Roof repair and installation services for a variety of Fort Worth and central Texas commercial properties. We’ve served every industry in the last 15 years.

  • Retail and shopping outlets
  • Schools and university facilities
  • Medical, hospital, and laboratory buildings
  • Banks and data centers
  • Government buildings
  • Restaurants and food service
  • Historic hotels, homes, and memorials,
  • And more.

From skyscrapers downtown to climate-controlled facilities. From apartment buildings to storage centers. Trust the commercial roofing experts who are ready and prepared to repair or install the right roof for you.

Leading Local Roofing Companies in Excellence

Texas Professional Exteriors contractors are prepared for all commercial roofing situations.

Flat, Sloped, and Steep Roofs
No matter what roof design or square footage, Texas Professional Exteriors has professionals ready and prepared with the industry’s best techniques. Cutting edge technology enhances tried and true industry standard practices.

Safety Is Always Top Concern
Safety is top priority for every member of our team. We use practices that are better than industry standard to protect your building, your inventory, and your property. We secure construction areas for employees and customers’ safety and require extensive safety training for all technicians and personnel.

Modern and Historic Property Repair
Fort Worth has some of the most charming historic architecture in Texas, as well as some of the best modern properties around. We are prepared to provide roof repair or new installation on properties of any age. Sensitive to preserving the integrity of historical materials as well.

Long-lasting roof repair or replacement for commercial properties throughout Fort Worth: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Who Do More

Commercial & Industrial Construction & Remodeling

Recover and update the exterior of any commercial property.

Texas Professional Exteriors performs a range of commercial and industrial construction services for businesses in any industry.

Repair after damage. Rebuild after a disaster. Upgrade and modernize. Build an entirely new expansion as your business grows.

Building Fort Worth businesses from foundation to roof, literally. Texas Professional Exteriors.

Additional Exterior Commercial Construction Services

Texas Professional Exteriors professionals in Fort Worth are ready to help you with all your building’s exterior construction.

Asphalt & Pavement

We install, maintain, and repair:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Concrete pillars
  • Decorative work
  • Parking lots
  • And more.

Speak with one of our professionals about asphalt and pavement services.

New Walls. Stonework. Bricks.

We build and repair:

  • New walls
  • Stucco<./li>
  • Exterior facades
  • Brickwork and stonework
  • And more.

Draw attention to your building with walls that truly stand out.

15 years of superior quality. Excellence among Fort Worth, Texas roofing companies. We do more for every client: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Best Commercial Roofing Options

Manufacturer Certification Process

Our commercial roofing teams do it all. Installation, repair, or replacement of high-quality, durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting industrial roofing systems.

No matter what kind of building you are in. We have a manufacturer trained professional ready to repair or install your roof.

Versico Commercial Roofing Systems

Texas Professional Exteriors offers a complete range of services with Versico roofing products and materials. EPDM. TPO. PVC. All the letters that spell “high quality.”

Innovative & Best Technologies

For over 15 years, we have adapted to the newest, most innovative technologies. Our professionals work with the most updated industry tools and training.

Professional TPO Roofing Installation Team

Protect Your Property, Your Business, Your Life.

Texas Professional Exteriors serves business in Fort Worth and throughout central Texas.

What is TPO Commercial Roofing?

“TPO” stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing material. It is a single-ply plastic roofing material that helps to weatherproof and protect a flat commercial roof. Creating a moisture barrier and protective shield, TPO is eco-friendly and improves a building’s energy efficiency.

TPO Roofing Installation

TPO commercial roofing can be fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted to your roof. Professional roofing companies know that there are advantages to each type of attaching method, depending on the building.

Weather exposure, environmental conditions, building age, and other factors can influence you to choose a TPO roof.

TPO Roof Repair

Is your roof damaged?

Call Now for a Free Roof Repair Estimate

We provide emergency and regular TPO roof repair service. Don’t hesitate – get a damaged roof evaluated and repaired quickly.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing creates a moisture barrier that seals and weatherproofs your property, keeping moisture levels balanced and preventing humidity damage. Long-lasting commercial roofing gives your property a greater value over time.

VeriWeld by Versico

Industry Best in TPO Commercial Roofing Texas Professional Exteriors contractors are certified to install, repair, and maintain the VeriWeld TPO commercial roofing system. The VeriWeld system is:

  • Energy Star ® rated
  • Engineered for the most extreme weather conditions
  • Customizable for your building’s needs

Choose from designs that feature reinforced TPO roofing membranes. Choose from engineering with additional layers of membrane or thicker membranes for enhanced protection. No matter what your commercial roofing needs, Texas Professional Exterior’s roofing professionals can design the right system for you.

Leading Fort Worth Roofing Companies in TPO Roofing

TPO Roof Repair, Installation, Replacement Manufacturer trained and seasoned with on-the-job experience, Texas Professional Exteriors contractors are prepared to offer every Fort Worth business access to the best TPO roofing services With the experience and resources to get the job done. We strive for superior customer service and referrals. We work to serve the Fort Worth, Texas community well, every day.

EPDM Commercial Roofing Systems

VersiGard EPDM Commercial Roofing

From Versico, a company with over 50 years providing cutting-edge roofing products around the world. One of the most trusted names in roofing. 30 year warranty on many EPDM roofing systems.

EPDM Commercial Roof Repair

Texas Professional Exteriors performs a full range of roof repair services on EPDM roofs in and around the Fort Worth, TX area.

Call Now to Speak to a Commercial Roofing Repair Representative

We provide emergency roof repair and preventative maintenance for all types of EPDM roofs.

Enhanced Moisture Protection

2-Ply and 3-Ply Options The bonded EPDM commercial roofing systems are available in 2-ply and 3-ply options. The polyurethane layer creates a moisture barrier that helps protect your property, and a second layer is recommended in some cases. Colors for Beauty and Practicality EPDM roofing materials are available in multiple colors to compensate for additional environmental factors, as well as to complement your building’s style.

Reinforced. Durable. Eco-Friendly.

EPDM Roofing has a reputation for being one of the best industrial and commercial roofing materials. With great reason. A polyurethane lining is used to create a seal between layers of roofing materials. With high weather and energy protection, EPDM roofs are ideal for theaters, restaurants, industrial factories, data centers, hospitals, and more. Texas Professional Exteriors contractors are certified in multiple EPDM systems, including the best systems in the industry – like VersiGard from Versico.

EPDM Roofing is an Ecologically Conscious Choice

Energy Star ® rated Some EPDM roofing is made from recycled materials, and many EPDM roofing materials can be responsibly recycled when removed. Rated by Energy Star ®. EPDM commercial roofing material will cut your property’s energy usage and reduce energy waste. Enhanced UV Protection EPDM roofing creates a strong UV reflection, allowing for superior environmental control inside. Keep the Texas heat out and your A/C in. Protect the integrity of your property’s internal climate.

Customize Your EPDM Roofing to Your Needs

Large Square Footage. Historic Property. Unique Architecture. We tailor every roofing solution to every roofing issue. That’s what makes Texas Professional Exteriors unique among Fort Worth roofing companies. For roofs of all sizes, in buildings in all industries. EPDM is appropriate for large and small square footage, flat and low-slope commercial roofs in practically every industry. Texas Professional Exteriors: professionals in EPDM commercial roofing. Installation, repair, replacement.

Durable, Long-Lasting Torch Down Commercial Roofing

2 or 3 Layers of Bonded Protection for Decades

Torch Down roofing is a specialized type of commercial roofing that requires professional installation and maintenance. Efficient and long-lasting, torch-down roofing adheres a layer of specialized rubber to a building’s roof using a heat torch.

Torch down roofing provides excellent weather protection for many commercial buildings, and can last over 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular roof repair after damage can prolong the life of a torch down roof.

Benefits of Torch Down Roofing

For Flat and Low-Angle Roofs
Torch Down roofing materials bond and protect best for roofs with no or low slope.

Nearly Impenetrable Seal
The modified bitumen material is heated to bond it to the roof, creating a watertight seal that can last for decades.

Environmentally Friendly
Torch down commercial roofing material is often made from recycled rubber, and can be recycled when removed.

High UV Resistance
Protects your building from damaging sun rays.

Available in 2 and 3 Layer Systems.
Adapt to your building with the right roofing system design.

Increase the Value of Your Property
Cost effective, warrantied, and lasts for decades.

We Provide Torch Down Roof Repair

Roof repair services for torch down roofs available. Get a free estimate and get your commercial roofing repair done quickly.

We specialize in the superior torch down commercial roofing repair and replacement services.

Our insurance claims specialists can help you get the roof repair or replacement for your historic building’s needs. Standing out among Fort Worth roofing companies: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Call Now for Free Estimate for Roof Repair

Quality Roof Repair & Installation in Fort Worth, TX

Based in Waco. Offices in Fort Worth. Serving All of Central Texas for Over 15 Years.

Texas Professional Exteriors is proud to have earned a reputation for quality. We’ve served thousands of homeowners and businesses throughout Fort Worth for the last 15 years – and we plan to keep doing it!

Year round service. Emergency preparededness and recovery. Exterior building and construction services. That’s what makes us different.

Texas Professional Exteriors continues to be a leader in central Texas roofing companies. Quality and service from qualified technicians you can trust, for residential and commercial roofing. From roof repair to installation. From upgrades to new construction: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Driving quality with every nail.

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