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If your home or business has been damaged and you’re looking for the most trustworthy insurance restoration contractors in the business, you’ve found the right place! We’re Texas Professional Exteriors, the homeowners insurance claims specialists serving Waco, Temple, and Waxahachie, offering insurance claims help to property owners who might not be familiar with the process.

Finding Hidden Damage

Our part of Texas is known for having weather that, from time to time, causes wind and hail damage; sometimes the damage these natural events do to our property is noticeable and obvious, sometimes it’s not.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Specialists

A Trusted Guide

Fortunately, most business and home owners have comprehensive insurance policies that include a “replacement cost” provision.

Even if you’ve never filed a claim with your insurance company, we can help you through each step from start to finish.

Insurance Claim Help


Quicker Results

Our field experts will be there for you all the way from the free inspection to shaking hands after we’ve finished the work you need done, and every step in between.

Texas Professional Exteriors is dedicated to getting your home or business up and running again after a weather event as smoothly (and quickly) as possible.


After The Storm, Call Us

The very first thing you should do after a storm if you believe you might have damage to your property is call your insurance company to file a claim; be sure to ask your insurer for an claim number to reference your case.

Next, call us to set up a free inspection appointment to help assess the damage and give you some idea of what you might expect your insurance carrier’s inspector to find. At this point in the process, our free inspection will make sure you can point your carrier’s inspector to any areas of your home or business that were damaged that might be missed.

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Property Damage Claims

The Local Professionals

Remember, this part of the process isn’t to keep your insurance carrier “honest,” or to suggest they’re trying to pull one over on you. The reality is simply that, especially in cases when there’s been a large storm in the area and there are lots of people filing claims, insurance carriers need to cover a lot of ground, and do it quickly.

Sometimes, particularly for the larger national carriers, responding to so many claims necessitates hiring additional inspectors, and it’s not always possible for them to find enough inspectors locally who are familiar with the area, the kinds of construction we see most often here, and the way wind and hail can damage structures in our part of Texas.

More Experience = Better Results

With the helpful guidance of a free post-storm inspection from Texas Professional Exteriors, you’ll be able to have a better idea of what damage has been done — and you’ll get a better sense of what work needs to be completed to fix it. With the combination of our extensive experience in construction in the area, along with our years of working with nearly every insurance carrier in the industry, we give our customers the information they need to navigate the world of home owners insurance claims and property damage claims without fear or confusion.

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Why We’re Different Than Other Restoration Contractors

While there are a lot of contractors our there offering insurance restoration services, not all of them have the experience working with insurers and property insurance claims we have at Texas Professional Exteriors. Part of that comes from our company’s roots in the roofing industry, having installed more than 20,000 roofs (and counting!) since we opened our doors more than 16 years ago. An interesting fact: fully 95% of all re-roofing and roofing repair work in central Texas areas of Waco, Temple and Waxahachie stems from insurance claims. Nearly all of our repair and re-roof work has been done through property damage claims, so we’re familiar with the process and can help you through it. Importantly, while roofs are the most commonly damaged part of buildings in a storm, there’s no guarantee that other parts of your home or business haven’t taken a hit as well. From siding to foundations, there’s a lot to a structure that can be damaged by weather events; fortunately, our construction services are just as exhaustive. If you’re looking to get your property back to normal, call the insurance restoration contractors most recommended by friends and family — call Texas Professional Exteriors today!

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If it’s time to file an insurance claim and you’re looking for an insurance restoration contractor you can trust, call Texas Professional Exteriors.