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Certified EIFS and Stucco Contractors

For both traditional stucco insulation and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) installation and repair you want to choose the stucco contractors who have established experience and reputation in both commercial and residential stucco. For all your stucco applications throughout central Texas, including, Waco, Temple and Waxahachie, you want Texas Professional Exteriors! Our EIFS certifications include Dryvit, Sto (StoTherm and StoTherm NExT), Senergy and Magna Wall, among others.

Stucco Contractors

Why We’re Unique

Unlike a lot of stucco companies who have recently moved to the area to take advantage of the increasing popularity of residential and commercial stucco in homes and businesses, we’ve been in the industry since we opened our doors more than 16 years ago.

As the most trusted name in home exterior work, Texas Professional Exteriors remains a locally owned company with a reputation for quality work, from installation and stucco repair to stucco moisture proofing.


Many Texans originally chose stucco for its low installation cost and amazing durability. But increasingly our customers are choosing stucco application (both traditional stucco and EIFS) for its great looks — and, with today’s advanced materials, stucco can be customized in far more than just color. Today’s stucco work can produce looks as varied and creative as the homeowner’s imagination. For people living in areas more prone to wildfire, stucco is one of the best choices for siding, as it is exceptionally fire-resistant. And stucco can help a house stay cooler longer in the summer and warmer longer in the winter.

EIFS Contractors
Residential Stucco Siding

Professional Stucco Repair

When stucco repair becomes necessary, the application of stucco may not sound difficult, but getting it right can be tricky. Working with professional stucco installers means you’re able to benefit from our years in the industry — we know what works, and more importantly we know what doesn’t.

Doing the job well the first time on an EIFS or stucco application (or repair) can mean the difference between a dry home and a moisture-compromised one; with Texas Professional Exteriors, home and business owners can benefit from our extensive experience — and our guarantee that you’ll be delighted with our work.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not a stucco company who’s out to get your business for a single job; we’re a professional residential and commercial construction company that’s after your next job, too. We’ve got the resources, manpower, experience and dedication to our customers that’s made us the most recommended contractors in our markets since we first opened our doors more than 16 years ago; for your stucco, EIFS, home siding, residential and commercial construction and repair needs today and tomorrow, call Texas Professional Exteriors — we’ll earn your trust, and your business!

Commercial Stucco

Precision Siding Installation

Home Siding Experts

Home Siding Professionals

For all your residential and commercial siding installation and repair needs — and if it isn’t obvious from our name — Texas Professional Exteriors is your single-source go-to contractor for the best in business and home siding.

Siding Repair Experts

Expert Installers

Whether you’re starting a new house siding project and are considering vinyl siding as a cost-effective solution or are re-siding an existing structure, our professional installers have the experience and extensive product knowledge to guide you toward just the right materials for your job.

Siding Prices Waco Texas

Reputation and Value

Choosing us from among the siding contractors working in the Waco, Temple, and Waxahachie areas means you’ve picked a siding repair and installation specialist with more than 16 years in the business, and with a solid reputation in the community for unparalleled quality, service, and value.

Vinyl Siding Waco Texas

Local Siding Pros

We’re locally owned and locally staffed; our professional installers and repair technicians have experience not just with a wide range of siding products, but also in how they’re used in our particular corner of Texas. There’s no substitute for local knowledge, and we’ve got plenty of it.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding has evolved into an exceptional product, well beyond what you might remember if you’ve had or seen it installed even just a few years ago.

Siding Contractors Dallas Texas

A Flexible Choice

One of the best parts (we think) about vinyl siding is its durability; unlike a lot of sheet siding materials, vinyl is flexible.

That flexibility allows it to bend under stress — from movement related to heat and cold, for example, or from buffeting winds or hail — rather than break. If it does get worn or otherwise compromised at the surface, there’s still quite a bit of material between your home and the elements.

Colors That Don’t Run

Perhaps best of all, vinyl siding has its color through and through, so smaller damage isn’t as visible.

That through and through color also means you never have to paint vinyl siding — and a lot of home and business owners appreciate the low maintenance that vinyl represents.

Waco House Siding Contractors

We’ll Earn Your Trust.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust, and earn your business — on the job you need today, and the job you’ll need tomorrow. For all your home siding needs, and whatever other construction and repair services we can provide, we know you’ll be happy you chose the professionals to do the work — Texas Professional Exteriors.

Better Training, Higher Quality

Combine our high “operational tempo” with a dedication to continuing education for our contractors — and an ongoing effort to maintain the highest levels of manufacturer’s product certification for our crews themselves — and you’re going to be assured of the best quality work for your dollar. In addition, choosing Texas Professional Exteriors for your home siding project means you’re choosing residential and commercial siding contractors who have built their business upon the quality of their reputation.

More Volume, Better Value

From traditional wood siding and metal materials to great fiber cement products like Masonite or Hardie Board and stone veneer “lick n stick brick” siding options, our customers get the benefit of our experience and “economies of scale.” No installer out there can beat our siding prices because we’re working directly with manufacturers and suppliers to constantly get the best deal on the home siding we install — and no other residential or commercial siding company put in as many hours as our professionals do with a year-round schedule of installations and repair calls.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Early on, we recognized the important of customer satisfaction in a way not many installation or repair contractors do; we understand that having a record of satisfied customers left behind at every job we do makes our business rich in a currency that simply can’t be bought. From the moment you pick up the phone to the day we drive away after a job is finished, we work to ensure you have nothing but good things to say about our service, our work, and our prices charged; our work ethic may speak for itself, but our long line of satisfied customers who choose us again when they need work done speaks even louder.

Natural Stone and Brick Contractors

Exterior Stone and Brick

For those looking to complete their home siding project with timeless materials, there’s nothing quite like the look of exterior stone and brick; whether your job requires all natural stone or manmade stone materials or a combination of the two, the experienced wall stone professionals at Texas Professional Exteriors can get the job done.

Natural Stone Contractors

Stone Look Without The Weight

The time, effort and cost invested in natural stone can make for beautiful walls and even home siding, but there is often an architectural and structural tradeoff that not many homeowners can absorb. Fortunately, today’s cast stone veneer products can offer the same look, color, shape and even texture of natural stone at significantly lower cost. What’s more, stone veneer can mimic the look of any kind of stone wall you can dream up, using thinner, more lightweight materials that can be supported in far easier ways than natural stone.

Exterior Stone Contractors

Less Stress, More Efficient Walls

That light weight means more than just a simpler installation; less weight means less stress being placed upon your home, and a reduced likelihood of requiring additional support later in the home’s life. And veneer products can be placed over highly energy efficient wall construction, offering better insulation against heat and cold — and, if a change is required later on such as the addition of a window, stone veneers are easy to work with and can be altered in a fraction of the time it would take with natural stone.

Brick Companies Waco Texas

Traditional Brick

Another popular traditional look in the Waco, Waxahachie, and Temple areas is brick; in addition to the classic look of a brick house, brick exteriors offer a number of advantages, including brick’s near-legendary durability and its exceptional temperature regulation of any structure.  At Texas Professional Exteriors, we’ve been working with brick companies and suppliers to ensure an adequate supply of exceptional bricks for any application, offered at a price no other exterior stone and brick contractor can match.

When it's time for home siding, call the pros.

For vinyl, metal, stone, brick, or manmade stone and veneer home siding product installation and repair from the exterior siding company Texans trust most, contact Texas Professional Exteriors today for a free consultation!