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While some roofing companies specialize in residential or commercial roofing, Texas Professional Exteriors is prepared for both. We hire the best trained and most experienced roofers throughout central Texas, in order to provide our clients the widest range of expertise for their home or business roof repair.

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Whether you purchase a new home, you’re renovating or expanding your current one, or disaster has struck and you need repairs.

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Roof Repair

Historic Properties & Modern Architecture

Central Texas is full of beautiful, unique historical property. Much of the architecture in our town has a one-of-a-kind southwestern flair to it – and we know about quality materials that last the seasons.

With our advanced knowledge of historic and modern building materials and roofing construction designs, the team at Texas Professional Exteriors is prepared for success on a building of any age. We handle any roof upgrades and modernization that give new life to older buildings. We service new construction and the most current designs, as well as the most charming and meaningful historical properties in the state.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Thunderstorms, fire, broken tree branches, or any emergency that happens around the clock. Texas Professional Exteriors responds to urgent situations with care and thorough service.

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Roofing Companies

Roof Repair, Replacement, Upgrade

Whether you’re building for the first time, renovating or adding onto a property, or replacing an existing roof because of damage, Texas Professional Exteriors is prepared to help you. Licensed technicians trained to handle any job. Tools and technology for the most popular types of residential and commercial roofing.

Pre-Authorized For Many Insurers

As one of the most professional and experienced roofing companies in central Texas, we are pre-approved by many major national and local insurance companies. We are pre-approved so we can save you time and money. We provide fast, thorough roof repair and replacement when you need it.

Energy-Star Rated Materials & Technologies

Ask a Texas Professional Exteriors representative about our environmentally friendly roofing options. Using recycled materials and low-impact technologies, we can install a roof on your home or business that makes it more energy efficient. Lower your home’s energy bills. Reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

For homes and businesses throughout Temple, Texas. Driving quality with every nail: Texas Professional Exteriors.

A Roofing Company That Exceeds Expectations

Top Manufacturer Certified Technicians

The best national training for every Project Manager and roofing technician. We require that all our team members are experts in safety standards and best practices, as well as experienced in a variety of roofing materials and technologies. We encourage advanced training for all our team members. Certified by our residential and commercial roofing manufacturers, the Texas Professional Exteriors team is made of roofing and construction specialists.

Lifetime Warranty

Roofing material manufacturers offer different warranties on the quality, durability, and strength of those materials. No matter what the manufacturer recommends, Texas Professional Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty on our work. If you have questions about warranty work, or any roof repair, call us anytime.

TPO Roofing

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey


Texas Professional Exteriors residential and commercial roofing services are endorsed by nationally renowned financial adviso, radio show host, and bestselling author, Dave Ramsey.

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Active Duty Military & Veteran Discount

We offer a discount on installation and services for active duty and veteran homeowners and business owners throughout Temple, Texas and all of Bell County.

Convenient Location To Serve All Areas of Temple, Texas

Texas Professional Exteriors is headquartered conveniently close to I-35. We can quickly access homes and businesses throughout Temple and all of central Texas.

Highest quality roof repair from Texans who care: Texas Professional Exteriors.

EPDM Roofing
Roofing Certifications

No Excuses. No Delays. On-Time Roof Repair for Your Home.

Wide Variety of Residential Roof Repair & Replacement Services

Experts At Getting Your Home Back to Normal Quickly

Roof leaks and damages need repair quickly. Texas Professional Exteriors stands out among Temple, Texas roofing companies with excellent response times and fast roof repair work.

We know it’s inconvenient to have a construction crew in and around your home. We know our roofing materials are in the way and our building noise can be disruptive. We work hard to get your home back up and running quickly, then get out of your way.

Focused on Safety

We never forget that we are working on your home. Our top priority is to deliver quality service, which means keeping your family and property safe. At every house where we work, we uphold the best safety practices in the industry.

Year Round Scheduling

Texas Professional Exteriors is available to perform the best services of all local Texas roofing companies, every month of the year. Fully staffed with experienced technicians, so you always get expert roof repair immediately.

Make Storm Damage Disappear

After summer storms or winter winds, and especially after hailstorms that can do massive damage, we repair and replace roofs immediately. Impacts from hail can crack or rupture roof materials, causing water to infiltrate and damage your building’s materials

Get Your Home Back Quickly

With advanced scheduling and a team of trained roofing engineering professionals, Texas Professional Exteriors can often complete roof repair in a single day. Roof replacements may take longer, but we set a deadline and schedule based around you, and work hard to get your home back to you quickly.

National Roofing Contractors Association Members

NRCARepresenting only the best roofing companies in the country, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has set the standard for roofing industry best practices for over 150 years.

Elite Membership

Only the top roofers in the country, with the right qualifications and experience, become members of the NRCA. Membership requires ongoing re-certifications for technicians whenever there are advancements in industry material or safety practices.

Roofing Company

Advanced Education and Training

Providing online and in person training for professionals around the globe, the NRCA keeps members updated to innovative changing industry trends. Extensive training on manufacturer and equipment knowledge. Hands-on experience that enhances printed and video materials.

Texas Professional Exteriors is a proud hometown member of the NCRA, serving homes and businesses in Temple, Texas and all surrounding areas of Bell County.

Members’ Safety Regulations

Specialized safety courses developed to enhance OSHA best safety standards and practices. Easy manuals and access to advanced tools for worker and building construction safety concerns.

Roofers Who Do More For Homes

Rebuilding, Remodeling, & Upgrading

Texas Professional Exteriors is a licensed contractor performing a range of home construction services. During your roof repair and upgrade services, your building may need structural reinforcement, or rebuilding of the property’s exterior materials. No need to call any other contractor - we are the professional roofing team that does more.

Roof Leak Repair

Trained Remodeling Experts

We hire the best building construction experts to be a part of our team. Our advanced scheduling allows us to always place them at the locations where their expertise is needed to help a particular property owner in need. Manufacturer-certified, with decades of hands-on experience, the technicians at Texas Professional Exteriors are prepared to handle your residential building needs.

Custom Roofs and Building Exteriors

Quality Homes Make Quality Communities. Outstanding Custom Roof Work and Building Design: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Roof Replacement Cost

Siding, Stonework, Bricks, Concrete, & More

Texas Professional Exteriors installs, repairs, and replaces all your home’s exterior building materials. From the driveway to the gutters, from the foundation to your deck or patio, make one single call to receive a full range of services. After storm damage, fires, or during remodeling upgrades, give your home’s whole exterior the detailed professional care it deserves.

Roofing Contractor

Carports, Additions, Porches, & More

Building on to your existing property? When remodeling or adding more square footage, call professionals to help. Ensure you follow state Texas state building codes and safety regulations. Plan ahead for all aspects of contracting during your construction. Get the highest quality construction from one of central Texas’ top roofing companies.

Temple Texas’ Speedy Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks can begin quickly, or they can develop over time. As roofing and building materials become saturated by rain, hail, and air moisture, they can begin to weaken and rot, causing additional damage and endangering your entire home.

From Big to Small: Fixing Roof Leaks of All Sizes

Small roof repair can lead into larger repair. Smaller objects like branches, baseballs, or hail can cause impact damage that may be difficult to notice at first. But, over time, those small damages can let in moisture and wind, creating a bigger roof leak issue.

After a hail storm or an accidental impact, it’s better to secure your roof right away.

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Fast, thorough roof repair that gets your home back to normal quickly: Texas Professional Exteriors.

How Leak Repair Prevents Secondary Damages

Roof leaks may be small, but the best roofing companies’ technicians know that fixing them when they’re small means preventing long-term damage.

As moisture levels build up in your home, wet building materials from roof leaks can create the perfect environment for mold growth. Some molds begin to develop in attics, crawl spaces, and other parts of your home within days of a water leak. If the leak continues or the mold growth spreads, it can create an environmental hazard throughout your home.

Repair your roof immediately if there is a leak. Prevent additional damages and more extensive repairs.

How to Spot a Roof Leak

If you notice damaged shingles or soffits, exposed woodwork or loose siding from the outside of your property, you may have damage to your roof or exterior building materials.

If you notice increased humidity, hear dripping water or wind, notice drafts in or see wet building materials in your home’s ceilings in the upper stories, you may have a roof leak that is allowing moisture and air into your home.

Call the building experts in Temple, Texas who drive quality with every nail: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Commercial Roofing
New Roof Cost

Ceramic, Shingle, and Metal Roofing Installation

All Materials Roof Repair & Maintenance Services

Customize a roof for your home that suits your location, architectural style, neighborhood, and energy needs. Homeowners have the ability to select the roofing materials and design that both protects and beautifies their home.

Ceramic Tile Roofs
One of the most classic and durable building materials, ceramic roof tiles can last over 100 years. Ceramic tile roof repair should be performed by a professional who has experience working with ceramic tiles.

Shingle Roofs
A lightweight and popular option from many residential roofing companies, shingle roofs are available in a range of materials and colors. Single roof systems often protect homes for over 10 years.

Metal Roofing
Increased weather resistance gives your home increased security. With greater protection from extreme weather like wind and hail, residential metal roofing also increases your home’s energy efficiency.

We Install, Repair, and Replace

Whether building a new home or an addition to your existing house, Texas Professional Exteriors installs new roofs. Change out your home’s roofing system, repair after damages, or upgrade from outdated materials.

Metal Roofing Installation

Removal. Installation. Upgrades.

Roof replacement costs vary based on a variety of factors. Your home’s square footage, the roofing materials that will be used, the number of technicians needed for the job, and even the weather, can affect the costs of your roof replacement.

Texas Professional Exteriors is a full-service roofing company. We offer competitive rates for customized work. Insured, bonded, and licensed.

Free estimates to homeowners interested in roof replacements, installations, and upgrades.

A customized quote that lets you compare rates for different roofing materials. Discuss all your options with a professional. No two homes are alike, and no two roof replacement estimates should be either.

Competitive Roof Replacement Costs in Temple, Texas

Roof Replacement Estimates

The best roofing companies deliver full estimates for all costs. All of our estimates include pricing for all the services you need.

  • Removal and disposal of current roofing materials.
  • Rebuilding damaged materials and replacing all supporting structures.
  • Increasing structural integrity with reinforced upgrades.
  • Full installation of insulation and new roofing materials.
  • Repair work to exterior siding, soffits, gutters, stonework, and concrete affected by new roof installation.

Texas Professional Exteriors performs all work associated with installation, roof repair, and full service replacement.

Insurance Processing & Potential Discounts

Texas Professional Exteriors team can help you process insurance claims, if your roof repair or replacement requires insurance paperwork. We document all our work to meet your insurance company’s standards and are pre-authorized to work with hundreds of national and local insurance agencies.

Often, a roof replacement can qualify homeowners for discounts on their property’s insurance. Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about how your new roof can help you save money.

Lifetime Warranty

Any time there is a problem with your property, you look for ways to increase security and improve its protection. If you develop a roof leak or are dealing with structural damage at your property, call Texas Professional Exteriors immediately.

Top in Temple’s Commercial Roofing Contractors

Hometown Proud. Service Oriented. Service Driven.

For nearly 20 years, Texas Professional Exteriors has been serving all of central Texas. Throughout Temple we have installed, serviced, and replaced thousands of roofs. A part of the community, a part of your homes and businesses.

Call for Free Commercial Roofing Estimate

We offer outstanding services compared to other commercial roofing companies. Give us a call and see the Texas Professional Exteriors difference immediately. Experience community-focused service from a locally-owned and operated company.

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Commercial Roofing Contractors & Top Construction Services

Siding. Asphalt. Brickwork.

Commercial buildings’ exterior appearance is as important as the entryway and lobby. Your business begins to make an impression from the moment someone sees it. Make sure your parking lots are beautifully paved, and the curb appeal of your business is picture worthy at all times.

Texas Professional Exteriors: building construction services to make every property stunning.

Torch Down Roofing

Construction, Renovation, & Repair

Building and rebuilding require different considerations. Work with one of the most experienced contracting and roofing companies throughout central Texas to make sure the job is done right. Whether you’re building for the first time, adding to your property, remodeling or recovering after damages, we have the experienced and specialized team who can handle the job.

Asphalt, Concrete, Seal Coating Services

Parking lots, driveways, walkways, and staircases. From decorative outdoor structures to columns that are part of your building’s exterior architecture. Texas Professional Exteriors specializes in asphalt and concrete work that makes your building stand apart. Dazzle visitors with a beautiful parking lot that is sealed to protect it from the harshest weather conditions.

Commercial roofing and building for our community in Temple: Texas Professional Exteriors.

Siding, Brick & Stone Work, EIFS Experts

A trusted name in building exteriors for two decades. Our EIFS trained and certified technicians tackle any size job and sculpt a flawless exterior for your building. From complex brick to intricate stone work patterns. Durable siding and dedication to detail combine for a breathtaking building exterior that is both beautiful and the sturdiest protection for your business.

Commercial Roofing Company

Local Commercial Roofing Company Installing Best Roofs

World Renowned Manufacturers of Roofing Materials

Texas Professional Exteriors offer the most outstanding selection of the highest quality manufacturers for roofing materials and other building supplies. Products that are 100% made in the USA, installed by local Temple, Texas technicians who are certified by the manufacturer that they are installing.

Custom order a roofing system that is right for your property. Choose from among our outstanding suppliers.

Versico Roofing Systems

We proudly install Versico commercial roofing systems. Some of the best roofing designs in the world, from some of the best quality materials and most innovative techniques. Trusted for over 20 years as an industry leader in roofing materials, insulation, and more.

Firestone Building Products

We are local distributors and representatives of nationally recognized Firestone Building Products. Innovation that leads to outstanding performance for over 20 years. Best chemical engineering for commercial roofing materials to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.

GAF Material Corporation

We provide homes and businesses throughout Temple, Texas with the best selection of GAF shingles and roofing materials in central Texas. Known for the highest quality materials. A wide variety of shingle colors and the most outstanding waterproofing materials in the industry.

Tamko Roofing Products, Inc.

We feature the versatile and beautiful products of this outstanding manufacturer. Unique among exterior building material supply and roofing companies. They provide top of the line bricks, stone work, materials for decks, and railings, and more in addition to quality roofing materials.

Leading Temple, Texas Roofing Companies in TPO Roofing

Installation, Roof Repair, Replacement

TPO roofing - or “Thermoplastic Polyolefin” roofing - is a single-ply plastic adhered to your roof.

This enhanced material creates a moisture barrier that protects your commercial roofing from weather and water damage.

Perfect for flat and low-angle roofs. Available in multiple colors. Reflective of high-intensity UV rays. Can be fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted.

TPO roofing can protect your property for decades, especially if maintained and serviced regularly. Perfect for commercial roofs in large buildings, customizable for any square footage.

Call For TPO Commercial Roofing Estimate

Call us for installation of new roofing, roof repair, and replacement of outdated or damaged roofing. We provide services year round.

Roofing Companies

Outstanding Durability. Life-Long Protection.

Lightweight and durable, it is easy for professional roofing companies to repair. TPO commercial roofing materials can last over 10 years.

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Environmentally Friendly

TPO roofing materials create a tight barrier that helps keep your building environmentally friendly. Energy Star® rated, our TPO roofing systems make your building more energy efficient. Lower your utility bills. Waste less energy. Decrease your business’ carbon footprint.

Featured TPO Commercial Roofing System: VeriWeld by Versico

A representative of multiple commercial roofing manufacturers, Texas Professional Exteriors gives our customers a selection of the best. One of the best of all TPO manufacturing roofing companies is the VeriWeld system by Versico.

Customizable to your building’s needs, the VeriWeld system can be engineered to include multiple layers for protection in the most extreme conditions. Outstanding capacity for the toughest industrial and manufacturing conditions.

Top Among Temple, Texas EPDM Commercial Roofing Companies

Year Round Installation, Repair Service, Upgrade and Replacement

Roofing Companies

2-Ply and 3-Ply Systems

Increase the coverage and protection for your building with additional layers of EPDM roofing materials. Choose between a 2-play bonding system and a 3-play bonding system that includes both a smooth and rough layer of bonding for the most extreme weather and environmental conditions.

For roofs in every industry

We have worked on roofs in all industries. EPDM is often used for medical facilities, movie theaters, data centers, government facilities, churches, and other commercial construction.

Texas Professional Exteriors: roof repair and replacement for businesses throughout Temple, Texas.

What is EPDM Commercial Roofing?

EPDM commercial roofing involves bonding multiple layers of enhanced polyurethane roofing materials to create one of the most durable roofing systems.

An outstanding design for roofs of all slopes and pitches. Adaptable to suit buildings of all square footages with roofs of all layouts. Customizable to any square footage. Increase your property’s energy efficiency and protect it from harsh environmental conditions.

Call to Speak with a Commercial Roofing Representative

EPDM commercial roofing systems are trusted throughout Temple and all of central Texas as some of the most durable, long-lasting roofs in any industry.

TPO Roofing

Benefits of EPDM Roofing

Moisture Barrier Seal
Reinforced for superior protection, EPDM roofing materials create a protective watertight barrier over your property.

Extreme Weather Protection
A tight seal that protects against heavy rains, hail impact, high winds, and extreme temperatures.

Resistance to UV-Rays
Reflective and engineered to repel both heat and damaging UV rays from the sun.

Better Environmental Control
The tighter seal between your property’s interior and the world outside means less energy will escape. Save on your power use. Conserve energy from the day of installation.

Featured EPDM Commercial Roofing System: VersiGard by Versico

Texas Professional Exteriors offers a selection of roofing materials from several manufacturers. Outstanding commercial roofing materials from nationally recognized suppliers. The VersiGard system is top-of-the-line in EPDM roofing.

Energy Star® rated commercial roofing system.

The VersiGard EPDM roof from Versico roofing systems is one of the most outstanding in the industry. With outstanding weather resistance, top-rated UV protection, and multiple colors to enhance your building’s beauty. Customize a durable roof that meets your business’ needs.

Torch Down Roofing

Classic Commercial Roofing Technique

Torch down roofing is a method of applying a protective layer of enhanced rubber to your building’s roof using intense heat. It is best for commercial roofing structures that are mostly flat or at a very low angle, and can be used in addition to insulation or on its own in some building designs.

Property owners have been using torch down application for commercial roofing for over 30 years. A tried and true method that produces long-lasting results. Offered by the best roofing companies, including Texas Professional Exteriors.

Installation and Repair

Texas Professional Exteriors offers installation and repairs of torch down roofs on all types of commercial properties. For new construction, building additions and expansions, remodeling, upgrades, or replacements. For repairs after damages or storms.

Call Texas Professional Exteriors Torch Down Roofing Services

Safest Techniques and Tools

Torch down roofing uses open flame to seal rubber coating to your building’s roof. This creates a waterproof seal that protects your property from moisture, sunlight, and weather damage, as well as impacts and physical damage.

Torch down roofing installation and repair can be dangerous. Always have a trained, experienced professional with the proper tools and safety equipment perform your torch down roofing.

Texas Professional Exteriors torch down roofing installation and roof repair is always performed by a licensed, trained technician. Get the job done right.

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Serving Our Neighbors in Temple, Texas and Beyond

Texas Professional Exteriors stands apart from our competition. We serve our neighbors. We drive quality with every nail